Our Strengths

Specializing in 5-ALA

We are a Pharmaceutical company specializing in 5-ALA (Aminolevulinic acid). ALAGLIO® Divided Granules 1.5 g is a photodynamic diagnostic agent for bladder cancer currently on the market. It displays fluorescence in tumor cells as a unique characteristic under a specific wavelength of light. We also develop and sell medical devices to support the use of this drug. In addition, health foods containing ALA are developed to expand the potential of ALA. We contribute not only to human health, but also to other living organisms on the planet.

Global Operations

SBI Pharmaceuticals is a member company of the SBI ALApharma Group. We have sister companies in Germany, the Netherlands, the USA and Canada. These companies do not simply operate independently, but cooperate with each other to mutually promote business. Each company utilizes its distinctive perspectives to advance the group vision.

Group overview

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Research Institutes

About Research Institutes

Utilization of 5-ALA can be expected in various fields, including medical drugs, food and cosmetics. Our research institutes investigate 5-ALA from the basics to the applied study under various themes. We will continue to work toward creating revolutionary products based on scientific evidence in order to contribute to healthy lives.

Transition of Research Institutes

Our research institutes were established in Setagaya Ward, Tokyo, Japan in 2008. As our fields of study expanded, we operated institutes on Kobe Port Island from 2011 to 2017. In 2018, we transferred to King Sky Front in Kawasaki, Tokyo.

King Sky Front is located opposite Haneda International Airport, and has been developed as an Open Innovation Base. As a place to create global business, we seek to study even wider areas related to 5 ALA and contribute to the further creation of global business.

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