About Partnering

Our corporate vision is to support people’s health and improve our social environment by using the potential of 5-ALA.

To achieve our vision, we have cooperated with various partner companies, and search for further possibilities.

Our Assets

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Sales and manufacturing approval for ALAGLIO® Divided Granules 1.5 g as a photodynamic diagnostic agent for bladder cancer, has been obtained from the MHLW. 5-ALA characteristically accumulates in tumor cells during metabolism. After accumulation, these cells become fluorescent under specific light. By utilizing this characteristic, 5-ALA can prove useful during surgical resection of bladder cancer. For details, please visit this page.

・Health Food
5-ALA is an amino acid that plays a very important role in the provision of energy. 5-ALA contributes to the generation of adenosine triphosphate (ATP), which controls energy in our body. We SBI Group develop and sell health foods that take advantage of this characteristic. For details, please visit this page.

Examples of Partnering

We have licensed the exclusive right of sale of ALAGLIO® Divided Granules 1.5 g as a photodynamic diagnostic agent for bladder cancer to Chugai Pharmaceutical Co. We have also licensed four other rights internationally.

Health food, Cosmetics
Drinks, health food and skincare products are offered by our partners globally.

About Partnerships

We search for ever more possibilities of 5-ALA through the collaboration with our partners. We are always open for discussion with various industries.

Please contact us using the following e-mail address.
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