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Frequently Asked Questions


Over 40% of the total number of employees.

For new graduates, assignment is determined by interview.
In the case of mid-term hiring, assignment is determined by the department to which you apply. Department transfer in consideration of personal intention and job experience is possible.
Job rotation from research to business development and research to clinical development (and vice versa) is available. Affiliation with two departments is possible.

You can select a course as a specialist or a general employee depending on your personal traits. Change in career based on your experience is possible.
Opportunities to widen your career from R&D to management planning, clinical development and pharmaceutical affairs are provided.
We work closely between the management board and between departments, and even members in R&D department require the skill set to promote inter-department cooperation and company management. We hope you take advantage of opportunities to develop your skills.


All our products are produced by outsourcing.

Please see the “Pipeline” page.


Science of 5-ALA

No. However, heme which is produced from 5-ALA is the “active center” of various enzymes. Please see “about 5-ALA” for further details.

Proteins in the human body are composed of 20 alpha-type amino acids, but 5-ALA is classified as a delta-type amino acid that is not used to build proteins.
Ornithine, a well-known supplement, is also a delta-type amino acid, but it has a completely different function.

Human cells cannot produce vitamin B12, and intestinal bacteria are known to produce it from 5-ALA.

We have not examined whether orally administered 5-ALA is converted into vitamin B12.


The SBI Group’s main business is finance, but is affiliated with the bio sector. SBI Pharmaceuticals is one of its companies.

Results are disclosed in the IR information of SBI Holdings, Inc. (listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange First Section: 8473).

We are both subsidiaries of SBI Holdings. SBI Alapromo is responsible for the sale of supplements and cosmetics, whereas we are in charge of the manufacturing  and sales of pharmaceuticals, and the sales of medical devices.

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