SBI Pharmaceuticals conducts research, development, manufacture and the sale of drugs containing 5-ALA (aminolevulinic acid hydrochloride), such as orally administered in vivo diagnostic agents for cancer treatment. In addition, we are committed to continuing research and development to deliver safer and more effective medicines for patients suffering from various diseases.

Responsibility as a pharmaceutical company

SBI Pharmaceuticals was granted a license as a pharmaceutical company for the manufacture and sale of ethical drugs (drugs requiring a doctor’s prescription) in 2012. Under the supervision of the Quality Assurance Department and the Safety Management Department, we have realized stable production and distribution with the cooperation of partner companies, resulting in the worry-free use of our medicines by patients and medical staff. In order to fulfill our duty as a pharmaceutical company that delivers products that are directly related to the lives of patients, we are committed to exploring new uses, and information and data needed for medical care, with ethical behavior as our first priority.

Drug development by SBI Pharmaceuticals

SBI Pharmaceuticals conducts research and development for only one drug: aminolevulinic acid hydrochloride. By combining this with other ingredients and the use of medical devices, we pursue its possibilities as a theranostics (therapeutics and diagnostics) drug that exhibits a wide variety of effects. New ideas generated through exploration by the R&D Department are verified by basic tests, and released through clinical trials (tests with the help of subjects to verify effects and safety in humans) carried out by the Clinical Development Department and investigations by regulatory authorities. Our scientists are constantly working to bring innovative products that currently do not exist to the market.

Business model of SBI Pharmaceuticals

SBI Pharmaceuticals was founded as a drug development venture business. With the participation of photonamic GmbH, Germany (now our sister company) in our group in 2016, globalization was possible. In addition, by joining NXDC (U.S.A.) and SBI ALApharma Canada, subsidiaries of photonamic, we have been involved in international joint developments. As a core company of the SBI ALApharma Group, which covers the EU, U.S.A., Japan and other regions in Asia, we will utilize our global development system to ensure that 5-ALA drugs reaches patients as soon as possible. We also promote efficient development by forming alliances with other companies as needed.

Product Information

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