SBI Pharmaceuticals develops cosmetics/skin-care products containing 5-ALA (description name: aminolevulinic acid) as a moisturizing component for anti-aging use.

Skin smoothness

According to studies, skin moisture content has a significant effect on skin smoothness. Healthy and normal skin retains sufficient moisture. However, a decrease in skin moisture content can cause the skin to lose smoothness and elasticity. Moisture is essential for healthy skin and the ability to maintain a youthful appearance.

Water in the body

Water supports all living things including animals and plants. The average adult human body is 50-65% water. In newborns, it is approximately 86%. However, body water decreases with age. In our 20s, it is approximately 65% and decreases to approximately 50% in our 60s. This decrease in moisture level due to aging is also observed in the skin. Lower moisture levels occurring as we age may well result in the usual visible signs of aging. Exposure to dry air also causes the skin to lose its moisture, leaving a bulky condition commonly called “rough skin.” For this reason, in order to restore moisture and smoothness to aged and rough skin, it is important to replenish skin moisture and maintain the optimal amount.


Our cosmetics

5-ALA is known as a moisturizing ingredient that supplements skin moisture (Page 150 of the 3rd edition of the Japanese Cosmetic Ingredients Description Dictionary, edited by the Japan Cosmetic Industry Association). In addition to taking full advantage of this feature of 5-ALA, we are conducting research and development of cosmetics based on academic results. 5-ALA is supplied to cultured cells collected from human skin in order to activate mitochondria, also called “the energy factories” in the cells. 5-ALA has the potential to be a material that stands apart from conventional cosmetic ingredients. We will continue to seek its effect and conduct research with the aim of developing 5-ALA-containing cosmetics and skin care products so all can have healthy and fresh skin.


Product Information

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