Our Businesses

SBI Pharmaceuticals, a company specializing in the application of 5-ALA (5-aminolevulinic acid), has been established to provide innovative products that improve the health and quality of life of persons all over the world.



Research, development and manufacture of pharmaceuticals that utilize 5-ALA, such as orally administered in vivo diagnostic agents.

Medical Devices


Development and marketing of medical devices using optical technology.

(Relevant field in SBI Group)

Health Products

Development and manufacture of health foods containing 5-ALA.



Development of cosmetics and skincare products utilizing 5-ALA as a moisturizer.

Animal Feed


Development of health foods for pets and feed for livestock and aquaculture.



Our corporate vision is to support people’s health and improve our social environment using the potential of 5-ALA. To achieve our vision, we cooperate with partner companies, and jointly search for further possibilities.

Product development

SBI Group conducts R&D with the aim of enriching people’s lives through products using 5-ALA. In product development, we focus on the function and role of 5-ALA in living organisms. Our products have been formulated in a unique way based on our long-standing research so as to maximize the potential of 5-ALA, while paying due consideration to safety.


The development of the pipelines of SBI Pharmaceuticals is introduced here.



The ALA Plus mark has been established to certify that the quality standards established by SBI Pharmaceuticals for ingredients containing a stated percentage of minerals in 5-ALA have been met, in order to promote 5-ALA in a sound manner. 5-ALA is registered as a cosmetic ingredient (label: aminolevulinic acid phosphate) in the United States and Japan. For this reason, 5-ALA contained in our cosmetics is labeled as “aminolevulinic acid phosphate.”

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