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SBI Holdings, Inc.
SBI Pharmaceuticals Co., Ltd.

SBI Pharmaceuticals Co., Ltd. (Representative Director and CEO: Yoshitaka Kitao; head office: Minato-ku, Tokyo; “SBI Pharmaceuticals”) which is an affiliate company of SBI Holdings is engaged in research and development of cosmetics, health foods and drugs using 5-aminolevulinic acid (5-ALA). Recently, it reached a basic agreement and concluded a memorandum of understanding with the Bahrain government for promoting R&D of 5-ALA and encouraging broad use in Bahrain and GCC (*1) through close cooperation between both parties. This was announced in the “Notice on Agreement with Bahrain government for the Promotion of the 5-ALA Business” dated April 13, 2012.

We would like to inform that the Ministry of Industry and Commerce Bahrain upload news on their website about the meeting between Dr. Fakhro, the Industry and Commerce Minister and SBI Pharmaceuticals delegation. This is to let you know that Japanese government and Bahraini government agreed to the memorandum of economic cooperation on April 12th, 2012.

News title: Dr. Fakhro received SBI delegation


Industry and Commerce Minister Dr. Hassan A. Fakhro praised both countries’ leaders and governments for their efforts to strengthen an economic cooperation mechanism. He stressed the importance of having mutual visits and meetings to promote close relationships between the two nations and economic exchanges. He also welcomed the delegation of SBI Pharmaceuticals.

These have also been reported in several Bahraini newspapers, such as Akhbar Alkhleej ,Alayam and Al Wasat.

SBI Pharmaceuticals will operate business in close cooperation with the Bahrain government to fulfill the said government’s needs. At the same time, it will continue to explore the various possibilities of 5-ALA and conduct R&D on it jointly with partners in Japan and abroad, aiming to contribute to the health of as many people as possible in the world.

*1 About GCC:
An abbreviation for the Gulf Cooperation Council, a regional cooperation organization of Middle East and Arabian Gulf, which Includes Bahrain.

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