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Health Products

SBI Pharmaceuticals is engaged in R & D for the health products containing 5-ALA.

Research on Mechanism and Functions

SBI Pharmaceuticals is conducting research activities to reveal what health-related functions 5-ALA has and what mechanism provides these functions. In the basic research before commercialization, a careful study is conducted in such a way as 5-ALA is extracted from the food materials daily taken, and the "stability," "safety," and "utility" are examined by using 5-ALA so extracted naturally. To supply the health products utilizing 5-ALA with high originality, the research and development is conducted with professional firms and specialists from various fields having sophisticated knowledge and technology.

Joint Researches with Universities

SBI Pharmaceuticals has conducted joint research programs with numerous research institutes like endowed chairs at universities to advance academic study of 5-ALA. Through collaboration with research institutes, SBI Pharmaceuticals desires to find further possibilities of 5-ALA which can hardly be unveiled by us alone. SBI Pharmaceuticals will actively announce new research results at academic meetings in Japan and overseas where many researchers attend from different fields.

Even after the commercialization, SBI Pharmaceuticals plans to study new mechanism and functions and scientifically accumulate the "utility" of 5-ALA and continuously enhance the value of the health products containing 5-ALA.

Efforts to Develop Products

There are 2 main processes in the development of products. One of them is "What concept should be introduced to develop the product (design of product concept)" and the other is "What composition and dosage form are appropriate for the product concept (design of product specifications)."

In these processes, various research and development activities are conducted in such aspects as (1) the convenience (easiness to use) of the product, (2) the stability (whether the components are held), and (3) the safety where impurities or microorganisms are not contaminated. In the validation of the convenience, the shape and the material of the product package are determined not only by the examination on the use in the exact situation, but also by the questionnaire collected from numerous customers. SBI Pharmaceuticals considers that these processes are the important actions of assurance to acquire the satisfaction of customers and continue commercialization.

In each process, development proceeds with repeated minute confirmation including reconsideration of the processing technique of raw materials and adjustment of dosage. SBI Pharmaceuticals supplies only those products that meet its own quality standards through various checkups.

History of Health Products
2010 February Food supplement "NatuALA -Bio-" launched
(Production presently suspended)
2010 November Food supplement "NatuALA Black Garlic" launched
(Production presently suspended)
2011 March Food supplement "NatuALA BCAA" launched
(Production presently suspended)
2012 April "NatuALA -Bio-" and "NatuALA BCAA" received Gold Award of Monde Selection 2012
2013 July Production of "ALAplus Gold", a food supplement, started
2013 November Production of "ALAplus", a food supplement, started
2014 April Production of "ALAplus CoQ10", a food supplement, started
  Production of "ALAplus Biotin", a food supplement, started
(Production presently suspended)
2015 December Production of "ALAplus Tow Down", a food with function claims, started
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